Delhi High Court rejects plea of over-weight applicant not coming under fitness criteria for Airmen

Cancellation of Bail

No Entry in Indian Air Force for Over Weight Candidate. The Delhi High Court has rejected the appeal of a man, seeking appointment as Airman in the Indian Air Force, challenging the Medical Board’s decision declaring him ‘unfit’ for service on three grounds — being overweight, unable to squat, and suffering from hyperbilirubinemia.

The High Court took into account the response of the government that the ideal weight prescribed in the Manual of Medical Examination and Medical Boards for the height of the petitioner, Mr Amit Kumar, of 178 cm and 19 years, was 63 kgs with a margin of 6.3 kgs.

“However the weight of the petitioner (Mr Kumar), as per the records produced, on the date of the examination by the Medical Board as well as by the Appeal Medical Board was way above i.e., 83 kgs and 80 kgs respectively,” the court said.

Since one ground is enough for this petition to be dismissed, we are not opting to go into other two grounds of rejection,” the High Court said while rejecting the petition.

The court also remarked that the petitioner is not found to be controverting the finding of the Appeal Medical Board, that his weight on December 30, 2020 was 83 kgs and on March 1, 2021 was 80 kgs.

“Suffice it to say that, the petitioner, without imputing any mala fides to the Officers constituting the Medical Board/Appeal Medical Board, cannot controvert their findings as to having weighed the petitioner,” the High Court said while dismissing the plea.

It is well known that the fitness criteria for recruitment in Armed Forces and any other Para-Military Force are completely different from civil employment under State or Center Govt. Every Candidate should meet the criteria of Recruitment Medical Board. Candidates also have right to appeal before Appeal Medical Board.

If the candidates are aggrieved by the decision of Recruitment Medical Board. The decision of Appeal Medical Board are final normally being having limited judicial review until strong evidences are there against it. 

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