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Now a days the biggest problems before lawyers to search relevant judgments in particular case without wasting of their precious time. Here you will find the Criminal Matter Judgments | High Court | Supreme Court Rulings pertaining to all type of criminal matters coming under Indian Penal Code  | Cr. P.C. The following the important judgments on criminal matters.

  • Single Interested Eyewitness Not Sufficient for Conviction u/s 302 IPC : Supreme Court [ Read Order ]


Criminal justice system refers to the structure, functions, and decision or processes of agencies that deal with the crime prevention, investigation, prosecution, punishment and correction. Some believe that it is not totally accurate to speak of a criminal justice system. A system, they argue, is an interactive, interrelated, interdependent group of elements performing related functions that make up a complex whole.

The criminal justice system is a loose confederation of agencies that perform different functions and are independently funded, managed and operated. However, despite their independence, these agencies of criminal justice system are interrelated because what one agency does affects all others. That is why they are called a ‘system’.

The present criminal justice system of India is the product of a continuous effort on the part of rulers who controlled the affairs of the country from time to time. In every phase of Indian history the rulers contributed to the development of the criminal justice system.

However, most of them treated the criminal justice system more as an instrument to subjugate the masses rather than to protect their rights. The British rulers who made well-thought-out efforts for the establishment of a sound and well defined criminal justice system in India were also not free from this weakness.

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